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Project  : creation of a Claude Debussy Museum in Bichain






House located 28, route de Montereau

This modest country house, located in the hamlet of Bichain in Villeneuve-la-Guyard between Fontainebleau and Sens, was the summer residence of Claude Debussy between 1901 and 1903. There he composed one of the most beautiful pieces in the history of music: La Mer. Our project is to restore it in order to create a cultural space that will enhance our Burgundian territory and the French musical heritage.

The summers spent in Bichain by the composer have left an important memory among the inhabitants of the hamlet. This house, once restored, will be dedicated to the evocation of the life and work of Claude Debussy.

However, in its current state, the house cannot accommodate the public. It needs to be completely rehabilitated and restored, in order to regain its former charm, and to ensure the safety of visitors and staff. Important masonry, carpentry, electricity, plumbing and flooring work are to be planned.

This project represents a significant cost, which we cannot support alone. In spite of the public aids requested, the amount still payable remains consequent. This is why the City Council and the association have decided to open a public subscription in partnership with the Fondation du patrimoine. Individuals, friends of the municipality and of cultural heritage, companies, music lovers, you can help us in this adventure, by making a check or an online donation on the secure website of the Fondation du Patrimoine : 

Many thanks for your support!

The Association Les Amis de Claude Debussy à Bichain is the coordinator of the project and the municipality the contracting authority..

President : Marie-Jeanne Baeli

Tel : 03 86 66 47 74

Website :


2020 activities

  • Meetings on the provisional functioning of the museum including the feasibility of concerts.

  • Agreement with La  Fondation du Patrimoine and launch of the donation campaign.

  • English translation of the website.

  • Creation of the file intended for sponsorship.

  • Sponsorhip file deposited  at Crédit Agricole and at Mission Stéphane Bern.

  • Financial statement 2020 (will be presented at the next GA).


2018 activities


Debussy concerts


April 28, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. at the Church of Villeneuve la Guyard

On the occasion of the centenary of the death of Claude Debussy, the pianist Nicolas Horvath offered us a Debussy recital (unpublished works), the benefits of which have been donated to the Association des Amis de Claude Debussy à Bichain and entirely dedicated to the museum,

In partnership with the Friends of Saint Germain.




September 23

Conference “Claude Debussy, 3 summers in Bichain”. by Marie-Jeanne Baeli

JOIGNY - Salle Claude Debussy

Debussy concerts

September 28 Concert, Nicolas Horvath plays Debussy

JOIGNY - Salle Claude Debussy

September 29 Concert, Nicolas Horvath plays Debussy

MONTEREAU - Conservatory of Music

November 24 Concert, Nicolas Horvath plays Debussy

SENS - Theater